Feiny's Rubs

Feiny's Rubs
Citrus BBQ

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Well Folks....I am proud to say...Sept 17 will be five years for me living in Colorado. I have put myself through Culinary School, worked in many different kitchens, and learned different cooking styles and techniques.

Fein Tssting Foods started out as as idea and with a lot of hard work in and out of the kitchen I have made my DREAM ....now REALITY.

Feiny's Rubs are the first of MANY products we will be producing.

Our Rubs are perfect FOR EVERYTHING...REALLY, EVERYTHING! I have create a quality and 5 Star FLAVOR COMBINATION....only takes a little bit at a time. Each Rub has its own unique flavor and taste.

I have 6
Feiny's BBQ- sweet, tangy and a tiny kick- Feiny's version of you SWEET BBQ RUB
Citrus BBQ- citrus meets cumin, meets herbs
Goes on Everything- herbal meets sweet and . savory
Chesapeake Bay Rub- i made the old bay....its amazing with lemon powder and lemon granulated, herbs..( I am from Maryland so,,...you can see the insiration)
Feiny's Steak...nice blend of herbs and paprika with cocoa powder

I am working on a Goes on Veggie....herbs with lemon, garlic and a kick of sweet.....and working on more Rubs,,,spicy, and many other flavors...holiday ones ,,T Shirts short and long sleeves will be available in the Fall. We are working on holiday gift ideas, aprons, and other merchandise

Our website will have recipes every day and week coupons. We want your birthdays and emails..so we can sent you BDAY discount codes and our monthly newsletter..

I would personally like to THANK all of the food bloggers, writers and foodies for your great responses. I look forward to you ALL trying Feiny's Rubs and can't wait to see each ones review and pics....THANK U!
If i have not talked to you and you are interested, PLEASE message me.
<<<<<<<I have connect with>>>>>>>>
34 Food bloggers and writers- FROM AROUND THE US AND WORLD
4 Radio shows
2 Podcast
1 Tv Show
3 Restaurants 
12 Chefs and still making contacts everyday.

Please stay tuned for our Website launch......Thank you all for your SUPPORT!!!!

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